The Potential Of A Good Press Release?

The Potential Of A Good Press Release?

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The Potential Of A Good Press Release?

A good press release is one very significant marketing tool that has great potential for gaining attention and recognition. A press release gives you the opportunity to announce important details and information pertaining to a business or special event and is less costly than most other forms of advertisement.
The various subjects that can be considered for press release distribution typically include the announcement of a new product, the release of a book, the opening of a web site, a major happening, a trendy workshop, a new business, changes in a business structure, promotions, updates and a host of other interesting events.
Do not automatically assume that your particular subject or business may not have the qualifications of being newsworthy since it's all in the presentation. When done correctly the potential of your press release being reviewed by an infinite number of readers is very great.
Several thousand press releases come across the desks of editors each month making it somewhat challenging to gain an editors attention. Although writing and having a press release picked up by the media is definitely never guaranteed, when you consider the potential, it's certainly worth the effort.
You may consider using the services of a distribution company or perhaps distribute it yourself for either way can prove to be effective. As an example, I wrote a press release recently for a gentleman who manufactures a special slipper that is based on reflexology and magnet therapy and helps one to lose weight. He requested that I utilize a distribution company in an effort to gain vast exposure.
Since I have enjoyed working with a distribution company in LA, I submitted the release on a Monday morning. The very same day my client was contacted by several major TV stations and newspapers who found the press release of interest.
The following week his representative was interviewed on the nightly news on FOX TV as well as ABC, the BBC, the Daily News in New York City and radio stations around the world. It literally catapulted his business to new heights since he now receives 20 times the amount of hits to his website than he was receiving previously.
Another client was holding a huge liquidation sale being presented in Scottsdale, Arizona. My client took on the role of distributing the press release on her own rather than paying for distribution. As host of a large event, she was presenting an entire collection from a renowned New York Curator/Director that recently passed away. It promised to be a major event and therefore the press release was submitted to the largest local TV station.
To her delightful surprise the TV station contacted my client for an interview and offered her four free hours of airtime the day before the liquidation sale. The sale was a major success. As you can see one simple press release can go very far in creating attention for your business or product.
Having a press release distributed to the general public requires time, effort and a lot of persistence. While there are a number of channels for distributing a press release, finding the right niche for your particular market takes diligence. Since no method of distribution can guarantee that a press release will be seen or heard, you simply have to start by communicating with a newspaper, TV station or editor or a magazine.
Since newspaper editors receive huge amounts of printed material on a regular basis, the press release chosen is based upon whether or not the editor believes it will interest and attract readers.
In order to attract the attention of an editor, any form of news, which basically means information, always consider that it should not be flagrantly promotional. The press release should be an offering of something the world would like to discover but keep it newsworthy. As far as an editor's role in promoting your press release, if you have something of value to offer, you become important to the editor and he or she will welcome your information.
Hopefully with the previous information you'll be successful at getting your press release published. If you do get accepted, give yourself a pat on the back since this is a new playing field for you. If you aren't successful, don't despair. It does take a bit of practice so study other press releases that get published to determine if your style needs a bit of polishing.

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