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PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing.

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Yahoo and google pay per click management. PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing, PPC Campaign Management.

Imagine an advertising campaign that allows you to attract the customers you want at a budget you choose, with a reach as broad as the entire world or as narrow as your own city. This is the power and flexibility of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising with # 1 Internet Advertising Agency.
Qualified potential customers are searching the Internet for a business like yours RIGHT NOW. Are they finding you? Let the professional Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing PPC advertising experts at # 1 Internet Advertising Agency connect you with them.

PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing Campaign management allows you to track return on investment (ROI) and conversions, increasing web-based sales as you hit your target audience. We offer a host of pay per click marketing solutions that will provide your business with immediate and measurable results.

Yahoo and google bid management.

What is PPC Management? (Pay Per Click Campaign Management Services). PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing, What is PPC (Pay Per Click) Management?
PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing programs enable businesses to bid to appear in response to specific search queries typed into various search-engines. Businesses are charged when searchers click on their text ads. This seemingly simple method of paid advertising is actually quite complex and time-consuming for businesses to manage on their own.

Moreover, paid search-engine marketing can also be costly to inexperienced advertisers that don't have a dedicated search-marketing manager and lack the necessary tools to analyze ROI and other important analytics - in fact, businesses that attempt to "do it on their own" typically lose significant money and incorrectly conclude that PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing is too expensive and thus cost-prohibitive.
Keyword purchase is a sure way to guarantee that people who are searching for your product find your web site. The only time you pay is when a customer walks in the door. The top 3 positions are shown on premier sites across the Web including America Online, Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, CNN and Infospace.

We understands that creating and managing a PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing campaign is a complex and overwhelming process that requires constant attention. Our commitment to you is simple: we will take care of the entire campaign right from the start, eliminating your need to worry about the details. We hold extensive knowledge and expertise in the intricacies of PPC Search Engine Marketing, we know from experience what works and what does not, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your advertising is paying off for you, plain and simple.

Our PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing services ensures that your campaigns are targeted, affordable, and accountable. We get your campaign rolling on Overture, America Online, Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, CNN, Infospace and others. We set your spend limits, and can change them when you need us to - immediately. We alert you of bid gaps and opportunities. We change your campaign focus as required, based on seasonal, financial and other factors. We invoice you directly, no scattered credit card payments.

Overture® is the pioneer in paid search-engine marketing. Overture® was recently purchased by Yahoo!, Inc. and is arguably the most important paid search-engine marketing platform. Unlike Precision and Content Match, Overture's® Local Match allows small businesses with a strictly local or regional geographical market to place keyword advertisements that are only shown in the specific locals or regions chosen by the business advertiser. Overture PPC management.

Google PPC management. Google™ is the #1 search-engine in the world. According to a recent Media Metrix (2005) study, the Google™ Network reaches more than 80% of Internet users. The Google™ Network includes syndication relationships with premier search-engines, including America Online, Netscape.com, Lycos.com, AskJeeves, Earthlink.com, Compuserve.com, NewYorkTimes.com, Shopping.com and AT&T Worldnet, among others. What this means for a business is that by advertising on Google™ Adwords you are placing your products or services in front of up to 80% of all Internet users.
# 1 Internet Advertising Agency has a team of experienced internet marketing experts that will effectively develop, implement, and manage all aspects of your search-engine marketing needs. Allow us to work with your existing marketing manager or website developer to position your company at the top of search-engine results
Our Professional PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing Management Services Includes:
Account Set-up. Keyword Research.
Campaign Organization. Bid gap elimination (don't overpay when it's not necessary).
Automatic monitoring bids. Automatic minimum and maximum keyword cost bid management.
Create Targeted Ads. Landing Page Testing.

FEE: $2 per keyword per month (even if your spend is thousands of dollars) with a $300 per month minimum (150 managed keywords). You pay the PPC fees (ie., Google and Overture). Our fees are assessed on a monthly basis only. There are no additional charges for account setup and activation. No setup fees and no monthly statement fees!

If you only have 30-50 keywords, PPC bid management softwares might be of good value. But you still have to manage the account and that means spending your time and labor. However, if you have 100+ keywords you are probably a good candidate for professional PPC management.

Why PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing?

A study conducted in January 2004 by NPD Group, a research group specializing in consumer purchasing and behavior, tested the impact of search listings, banner ads, and tiles across a variety of sites (both branded and unbranded) to determine which was most effective. In every situation, search listings came out on top, especially the first three positions.

When customers are looking for your product or service, they'll find you at the top of Google and Yahoo! You will have multiple search phrases relevant to your business and guaranteed top placement on the largest search engines on the internet.

According to MarketingSherpa, companies who outsource their PPC Management to a qualified search engine marketing company, see their conversion rates increase from 5.4% to 6.8%. Could your company benefit from a 25% increase in sales by simply outsourcing its PPC Management?

PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing Management Rates:

150 PPC Keywords Management: $300 Month
300 PPC Keywords Management: $600 Month
600 PPC Keywords Management: $1200 Month
1000 PPC Keywords Management: $2000 Month

Yahoo certified PPC management service. Google certified PPC management service.

Not only does # 1 Internet Advertising Agency have a strategic relationship with Google AdWords, but we are also one of the few companies certified by Yahoo!. Our proven search engine marketing success with clients such as Motorola, Clarion, Adaco, NBC, Citifinancial and Citibank to ensure that every client enjoys incredible service. PPC management clients.

If you have a question or problem that needs personal attention, feel free to contact us through our Customer Service e-mail, which is available through the button to the right. You can send any questions or suggestions directly to our support staff from this link. We will make every effort to get back to you within the next few minutes.

You may also visit our PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing Management FAQ Here.
PPC management support

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