FAQ About Press Release Distribution And Writing.

How soon does the press release go out?

Your press release will be distributed before 9am EST in the following 2 business day. This ensures that editors and journalists receive it in their email in-box the next morning when they sit down to enjoy their morning cup of coffee (and are, hopefully, considering or at least receptive to story ideas for the day). We see a stronger response with press releases received/opened in the morning.

How are your press releases sent?

Your press release is sent via email with the text formatted by us for line length and presentation. The text of the press release is sent within the body of the email message as many organizations will not accept attachments because of virus and bandwidth concerns.
What do you guarantee?

We guarantee your press release will be distributed. After your release is sent, you will receive a confirmation from us. Please note that, for editorial reasons, we cannot guarantee that editors and publishers will select your release for a story. It is at their discretion to pick a release that will make news. However, we do guarantee that we will deliver your press release to news media.
What works?

A press release that is newsworthy is what works, and then only some of the time. Announcing that you've put your cyber-shingle out on the web very rarely cuts it unless your services are unlike anything else on the Internet. However, it is worth taking a chance. The client appearing in Bride and named "Female Entrepreneur of the Year" by Minorities In Business magazine announced her gift shop through our services. On the surface, you wouldn't expect this press release to be successful. However, what made her company (and her press release) different is that the products being sold are one-of-a-kind and target executives.
Can I change the date my press release is scheduled for distribution?

You may send an email to service@wspromotion.com to change the date and time your release is scheduled for distribution. Keep in mind that if your release is scheduled for immediate distribution or has begun the distribution process, it is possible that your release may not be able to be rescheduled.

My release is a Word document/Acrobat (.pdf) file. Do you accept these files?

Yes. We are able to extract your content from your file if the file permissions are set appropriately.

How do I know when the distribution of my press release is complete?

Once your release has completed the distribution process, you will be sent a confirmation email. Note that with some distributions, it may be a short period of time before you receive it.
Do you accept and process every release submitted?

We assist every client in achieving the best results possible with each release distributed through our service. That means that we go the extra mile when we receive releases - including a thorough complimentary review by an experienced copywriter. We reserve the right, however, to reject releases based on a number of factors, including inappropriate content and formatting. If you are concerned about your release, call our offices and ask to speak to your Account Manager.
Where do you get your media contacts from?

We maintain our own databases. Our first database comes from several advertising industry sources from whom we license the information. Because we are a 14-year old media relations and advertising agency that places national ads for our corporate clients, we obtain some information from SRDS. We also send releases to an opt-in journalist list.
Is your pricing based on "per release" or "per year"?

Like all legitimate news distribution companies, our pricing is based on each release sent. No company that really sends out a large number of press releases each year can afford to offer a year of release distributions for a low "flat rate" and stay in business. Be wary of any "flat rate" annual news distribution plans, or "software" for sending releases yourself. Our pricing is reasonable, realistic, and offers tremendous value.
Can I order your services by telephone, fax, or postal mail?

Unfortunately, no. Our pricing is based on your placing an order using our automated online order system, and submitting your release information using an online form. This helps us keep costs under control, and not raise our service prices. If you represent an ad agency, are a public relations professional, or you send three or more releases per month, we do offer an Agency Disacount Program. We accepts all major credit cards, including American Express/OPEN, Discover/Novus, MasterCard, and VISA.