Promote Your Products With A Press Release

Promote Your Products With A Press Release.

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Promote Your Products With A Press Release

Writing an effective press release is a way to draw attention to the products you sell and do so at a local level, nationwide and even get internationally. You don’t need to be a writer, but you need to clarify exactly what it is you are selling.
All press releases embody the theory that you have something to say and it always begins with the words: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, followed by today’s date. This indicates that it’s publishable and it could just be printed or available online in a few hours.
Include the name of your city or town, and state or country to let people know where you are.
Next, you must tell people WHO you are, by including your CONTACT INFORMATION.
Spokesperson: That is where you include your name.
Title: This is optional, but if you are the owner/ceo of even a one-person business then please add it! Or your title is descriptive like dog groomer or soapmaker.
Organization: Your company’s name
Telephone: Make sure you include your area code. Also, you can list more than one number.

Fax: If applicable.

Email Address: Super Important!

Web Site Address: Super Important!
Heading ~ Imagine this is a subject heading in an e-mail that you’re using to introduce your company or products. In less than 10 words, what can you say that will cause readers to notice? For example, when I was promoting my innovative new product, I made certain that people knew it was unique by telling them in this heading ~ SoapCakes ~ An Innovative Way To Promote Your Business.
Each word counts! The first word is what I’m selling, the SoapCakes. I added a description that uses the word ‘your’, which is a friendly way of engaging a potential customer’s attention.
OR my other title SoapCakes ~ Customized For Any Happy Occasion.
In my second heading, I was guaranteeing to the reader that my product was customized, thereby making it special. And I wasn’t just making a general word like ‘occasion’ being used except by prefacing it with the word ‘happy’ --- a word we all like to see!
The body of the press release is what will really get the person thinking about who/what is going on. Keep it as succinct as possible. Some press releases are two pages, but if yours can be told in one, then you stand a better chance of having it read. Try to keep it no more than 3 or 4 paragraphs in length.
You should use your e-mail and web addresses at least twice in the body of your press release, and again at the end. The more you get your name out there, the more likely you are to attract business.
Think about these selling points: What makes your company different? Can you deliver your products quickly? Internationally? How long have you been in business? How long have you worked in your area? Can you supply a couple of one-sentence long testimonials with the person’s full name and location? Celebrity testimonials? Do you have a special offer like buy one get one free, free samples, discount prices? How do your products help others?

Allow your personality to shine through when you write about the products you know so well. If you make your product yourself, let us know! Is it holiday-related? If so, you might want to send it out at least 2-weeks before the upcoming holiday.

Keep in mind that you want to sell your products and that to do so you must emphasize the positive qualities of what you’re selling and offer assurances to the potential customer that they’re getting a good deal. What do you look for when you shop online? As a seller, do you embody those qualities?

Once you have written about your products and company, end with a brief summary that includes your important contact information.

The last word you write will be at the center of the page and will be either –30- or the word ‘end’.

So using press releases can and is a very effective marketing tool that you can use for promoting your web site or affiliate products if done correctly.

By using press releases, I have been able to create a steady flow of targeted visitors to my web site and affiliate programs while generating dozens of back links to my web site.

Even though the effects of each individual press release may be short lived, they still have provided me with both free and inexpensive ways for getting hundreds of new visitors to my site and quite a few top ten positions in Google for my targeted keywords.

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